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Aerosol Intubation Pandemic Box $125

The Intubation Box works by sitting over the head and shoulders of a patient as they are intubated by a healthcare practitioner. The box acts as a protective shield between the patient and medical staff, thus minimizing the medical staff’s exposure to the Coronavirus COVID-19. After each intubation, the box can be cleaned with a bleach or alcohol solution. This is a NON FDA approved device. This is for use by medical professionals only and at your own risk. The Intubation Box has been created due to the COVID-19 pandemic with best practices in mind.  

Product Specs


3/16″ thick clear acrylic


Box measures 16″w x 16″d x 20″h front is 21″w


4-3/4″ diameter arm holes


Simple design


Rounded corners (not sharp)

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